Why should I shop through DreamTrips Mall?

Because, the cash back reward you receive from us is extra cash IN ADDITION to the affiliate store’s best price on each product you purchase. IT’S FREE EXTRA MONEY! Yours to enjoy just because you joined and shopped through DreamTrips Mall!

Why is it important to always start my shopping at DreamTrips Mall?

Because when you click through to an affiliate store in our network, a tracking ticket is created automatically that provides proof that you are our member and that you went to the affiliate store via the Buy of Buys Inc. network (our strategic partner) That is how we earn the advertising commissions from the affiliate store, so we can pay you. The tracking ticket verifies that you clicked a link to get to one of the affiliated stores, and it gives you a reference number to refer to in case you have a question about the corresponding purchase. Every tracking ticket is recorded to your account page for future reference.

Crediting Your Rovia Account

Buy of Buys, Inc (our strategic partner) will transfer your cash back rebates to Dreamtrips Mall every 90 days. Dreamtrips will in turn credit your rebates to your Rovia Bucks Account to help you make your dream vacation a reality.

Can I use multiple windows on my browser to make shopping even faster?

Using multiple windows on your browser to shop is a quick and easy way to move from store to store to shop within the affiliated network. However, keep in mind that each window must have been originally established through a DreamTrips link.

What if I leave the DreamTrips Mall to shop Non-Affiliated stores then return?

Remember, once you leave the network of stores to go to a non-affiliated store, you must either go back to DreamTrips Mall before you begin a new round of shopping or be certain that each link was established through DreamTrips Mall. This will assure that you get the cash back rewards you earned.

What if I want to return or cancel a purchase I made from a store in the DreamTrips Mall?

All returns are subject to the return policy of the affiliated store where you made the purchase. Any cash back reward that was credited will be reversed on returns or cancelled orders.

What if I want to do a product exchange?

In the exchange process, often times the stores will reverse the commission they paid and fail to recapture the referral, which can result in a reversal of cash back on your account. If they charge us back we have to charge you back. Therefore, we recommend returning the merchandise and making a new purchase transaction through DreamTrips Mall to avoid losing your cash back reward.

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